250 ML Miron Violet Glass Apothecary Jar – Black jar



250 ML Miron Violet Glass Apothecary Jar – Black jar

Miron Violet Glass Jars special pigmented violet glass is thicker and more durable than your standard glass; it is smell-proof, blocks harmful UV light and is visually discreet. Furthermore, all of our jar lid systems, the screw top and glass-on-glass lid, are completely airtight. Your products are totally protected, preserved much like ancient Egyptians- who invented deep violet glass thousands of years ago and preserved precious oils and herbs for centuries in tombs. The integrity of your lotions, essential oils or spices is guaranteed to be protected for over 6 months when you use Miron Violet Glass!

This 250 ml jar is the smallest of our apothecary line and is simultaneously elegant, functional and economical. The beautiful 100% UV glass on glass design is reminiscent of the medicine bottles of old, with a modern upgrade. Our ultraviolet glass prevents all visible wavelengths of light from accessing the contents of your jar which prevents light related decay. In addition, this glass is specially designed to allow wavelengths of UV and infrared light in. These unique wavelengths of light use high energy gentle cleansing to prevent your dried goods and other products from spoiling for 6 months or more. We have expertly crafted a premium glass-on-glass airtight seal into the ultraviolet glass to lock in aroma and keep out oxygen. This apothecary jar comes with a glass lid that can also be used as a small serving cup. You would be hard pressed to find another container on the globe that can match this jar’s capacity, versatility and performance.

250 ml capacity
Blocks Out All Harmful Visible Light
Glass on Glass Lid Prevents Passage of Air and KEEPS SMELLS CONTAINED
Premium Environmentally Friendly, No Wasting Plastic
Jar has Modern Sleek Design
Each Jar Comes with 2 Writeable Sticker Labels For Optional Use

Height: ( 13.5 cm)

Diameter: (5.5 cm)

Opening of Mouth: (3.6 cm)

Capacity: 250 ml of Liquid

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