25 gr Catsclaw – Uncaria tomentosa



25 gr Catsclaw -Uncaria tomentosa

Uncaria tomentosa, also known by the trivial name as “Cat’s claw” or “Una de Gato,” is a woody vine with root bark used in the tribal health traditions of Ashaninka Indians in Peru.
Uncaria tomentosa (Uncaria) is a plant from the family Rubiaceae growing in Central America and the Amazon rain forests of South America.

It takes 20 years for the plant to reach maturity, and it can grow over 100 feet in length as it attaches and wraps around the trees.
Its common name “Cat’s claw” originates from the shape of the thorns projecting from the base of its leaves. In Ayurveda traditional Indian practices, this plant is known by the name of “Vilcacora.” The Spanish call it “una de gato” which translates to English as “tomcat’s claw.”

There have been several reports on the constituents of this plant’s extract, specifically, oxindole alkaloids. Two subtypes of Uncaria tomentosa with different alkaloid patterns have been identified:

One root subtype contains mostly pentacyclic oxindoles, which act upon the immune system.
The other contains mostly tetracyclic oxindoles, which influence the central nervous system.
Notably, the tetracyclic alkaloids antagonize the effects of pentacyclic alkaloids. The oxindole alkaloids from the root bark of Uncaria are the constituents that are likely responsible for inflammation-modulating properties of this plant.

Quinic acid is another active ingredient of Uncaria.


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