50 gr Kalawalla Polypodium leucotomos 20:1 extract



50 gr Kalawalla Polypodium leucotomos
20:1 extract of the herb Polypodium leucotomos
Polypodium leucotomos and Phlebodium decumanum are fern plants native to Honduras. They grow exclusively in Honduran jungles over the Palm trees in symbiosis.

The leaves in the wild can grow up to three feet long.

The ancient Mayans used Polypodium leucotomos (Kalawalla) as part of their daily diet in the form of tea as a blood purifier. They attributed healing properties to the drink and up until today the drink is still popular in Honduran tradition.

Kalawalla can help to balance your immune system. A real solution to auto immune disorders is to modulate (not suppress) the activity of T cell ratios to normal balance without any side effects. Immune modulation has the advantage that, contrary to immune suppression, very few side effects can be observed from regulating the immune system back to normal. It also offers the advantage over symptomatic drugs in that the symptoms reverse themselves on their own after the immune system has reached proper balance, and this is done treating the root of the problem, and not only the symptoms.


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