Bentonite detox clay Ultra fine at 50 micron 200 gr




Bentonite detox clay Ultra fine at 50 micron 200 gr

What is Bentonite Clay?
Bentonite is a geological clay created from volcanic ash that has been broken down by water. Bentonite Clay has an extremely strong negative ionic charge. This means that bentonite clay attracts substances with a positive ionic charge (which include metals, toxins, bacteria, etc). After they are bound together they get eliminated from the body.

Bentonite Clay can absorb toxins before they enter the bloodstream. This is a very important function of clay as it relieves your liver and kidneys from having to filter out too many toxins.
Bentonite Clay helps to cleanse the colon.
This is due to the ability of bentonite clay to remove toxins and absorb great amounts of liquid.
Bentonite Clay helps rebuild and repair damaged cells and tissues.Bentonite Clay balances the body’s pH. Since clay is homeostatic, it is able to act as a catalyst to aid the body back to a balanced state.
Bentonite Clay balances bacteria in the digestive tract.
Bentonite Clay helps get rid of allergies.
As we know allergies are triggered by the release of histamines. When the liver is overworked by toxins, it can not produce important antihistamines to fight allergic reactions.
Bentonite clay can help create a better environment in the body so it breaks down fat, nutrients, and sugar more effectively.


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