Blushwood berry tincture 50ml (Hylandia dockrilli)


Blushwood berry EBC 46 tincture extracted from the blushwood berry seed in organic grain vodka.
content: 50 ml

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Blushwood berry tincture 50ml (Hylandia dockrilli)

Blushwood berries are the fruit of the Blushwood berry tree, Hylandia dockrilli, which is known to grow in only one region of the world: the rainforests of Far North Queensland, Australia.
These tropical trees grow in abundance near Australia’s northeastern tip.

The Blushwood berry tincture is extracted from the blushwood berry seed in organic grain vodka.
content: 50 ml


All of our herbal extracts and tinctures are handcrafted using time honored methods. Tinctures are concentrated liquid extracts of herbs/roots/mushroom and the most effective way to get the beneficial properties of medicinal herbs into your bloodstream, via sublingually or topically. Created thousands of years ago by our herbalist ancestors, the method of liquid extracts are still a favorite medicinal preparation today.
The extracts are very potent and are taken by the dropperful. They can also be diluted in warm water or juice.
Because they are so concentrated, they should be administered carefully.

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