zeolite 60 capsules, Ultra fine Micronised at 5 micron



Zeolite 60 capsules, Ultra fine Micronised at 5 micron

Zeolite 60 capsules are natural volcanic minerals that are mined in certain parts of the world. When volcanoes erupt, molten lava and thick ash pour out. Because many volcanoes are located on an island or near an ocean, this lava and ash often flows into the sea. Thanks to a chemical reaction between the ash from the volcano and the salt from the sea, amazing minerals like zeolites are formed in the hardened lava over the course of thousands of years. What makes zeolites so amazing is the fact that it’s not only one of the few negatively-charged minerals found in nature, but it also has a very unique structure. Zeolites have large, vacant spaces or cages that allow space for large, positively charged ions to be attracted to it, then trapped and eliminated.


When looking for Zeolite it’s VERY IMPORTANT to purchase only high quality micronized Zeolite that has been properly cleaned and is 100% pure and safe to use. Zeolite 60 capsules has proven to be a very beneficial mineral, prompting many companies to attempt production of their own forms of zeolite supplements.  They sometimes use commercial grade zeolite meant for water and air filtration, cat liter and odor removal but not for human consumption.



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