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The term Holotropic (olotropikós) derives from the Greek words ὅλος (holos) “wholeness” + τροπή (tropic) “moving towards”.

A Holotropic lifestyle is a powerful, all natural, method of self healing and personal transformation by adapting to the original pharma, the one of nature, which is not the alternative.

At Holotropic Herbs we are motivating people all over the world to have a conscious desire to live a healthy lifestyle and to have the intent of healing the mind, body and soul by integrating organic food, medicinal herbs, roots and tinctures of the highest potency, elevating your system by simplifying your life whilst healing from the inside out.

Here at Holotropic Herbs we provide our clients with fresh and often rare herbs of outstanding quality & potency.
Therefore we have chosen to store our high frequency tinctures in Miron Violet Glass bottles, because we wish to deliver our products to our clients in such a way that the special quality is completely maintained, unaltered and for a longer storage life.
Our small company is devoted to a holistic approach towards health and wellness to the body.

After years of studies and research we’ve established a direct network of resources throughout the planet.
Our products are all organic, bio degradable and very affordable. We are here to help you move towards wholeness.


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Many medical doctors are not acquainted with holistic, alternative remedies and natural healing methods.
Share this information with them so they may learn, too, or find a practitioner who is familiar with them.

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